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- Ursula Franklin

Syrian Family Update

The HSRO and members of the Huron-Sussex community are working with St Thomas’s Anglican Church members (who got the ball rolling) to sponsor a Syrian family fleeing violence in their country. The committee has raised more than the $30K needed to apply for sponsorship and is now developing the application to sponsor and the sponsorship plan. This will be complete by the end of February.

Because the privately-sponsored families will start to arrive after the full cohort of those sponsored by government have landed, we have some months before we will know who we will be supporting. The search for housing is well underway, but won’t be finalized until we know how many family members are involved.

St. T’s and HSRO are organizing a “shower”, likely for April 3, to gather the items that the family will need to organize a household. In the meantime, we now have storage space so if you have new or nearly-new items that you would like to donate, please feel free to contact Zoë Newman at 416-260-2489 or Julie Mathien at 416-979-2393.

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