Citizen politics, unlike party politics, does not seek to change government, but to improve it by watchfulness, oversight and advice
- Ursula Franklin

HSRO Planning – April 10 & Next Steps

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Huron-Sussex Planning session on April 10.  The discussion and recommendations to our planners from Brook/McIlroy proved once again that Huron-Sussex is about as smart and resilient a community as they come.  As you can see from the photos, we had about 50 community members and U of T representatives collaborating to plan for the future of our community.

There’s more to come.  The introductory presentation and the report from the session will be posted soon on this site along with a blog that will enable you to communicate with the planners.  Our next all-community session will take place in mid June to hear and discuss the options developed from the April 12 session.  In the meantime, check in on this web site, use the blog (to be activated soon) and if you wish to, contact the HSRO members of the Huron-Sussex Work Group:

Julie Mathien, 10 Glen Morris St  416-979-2393

Andy Vice, 11 Washington Ave 416-598-2591

Grace de Souza, 699 Spadina Ave 416-616-0995

Ron Kentner,  379 Huron St 416-506-1298

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